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Saved by the Bell

Hey all I'm new.

I just thought I would share something that I thought was funny.

When I was little, and I would watch Saved by the Bell, there was this one episode where a new class finds a time capsule under the football field...and in the time capsule was a video from the original cast. They kept saying, "Hello to the class of 2003" and stuff like that, so the class that was watching it was obviously the class of 2003. At the time I didnt know that I was even the class of 2003 cuz I was like 8, but I remember that I used to wish that I was the class of 2003 just so I could be special lol. Then I realized it, and I always thought it was cool...well I mean when I was younger.

Anyway, I know thats really corny, but I figured that everyone used to watch Saved by the Bell and someone would find it amusing lol.
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